Online Video an Important Part of Decision Making Process

Online Video an Important Part of Decision Making Process

Business professionals watch online videos as part of their decision making process. We know that social media is all the rage, but online video continues to grow as an important part of the decision making process for business executives, according to a Forbes study.

Seventy five percent of executive reported watching online videos for business purposes at least weekly.

Sixty five percent of executives reported visiting a vendor website after watching an online video.

Nearly forty percent of executives reported calling a potential vendor after watching an online video.

Numbers for each category are even higher for executives under 50.

If your company needs to reach executives online video is going to be an increasingly important part of the marketing mix. While video is important in attracting attentions executives still want vendors to provide detailed technical and product information.

Source: Forbes Insight, Video In the C-Suite October 2010

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Image, Sound and Message

Three Keys To An Effective Video

Great Video, Low Cost

Three key elements to an effective video are image, sound and message. Understanding each is very important to recording and editing your video. It can look great, but if the sound is bad, that is what they will remember. Great sound, great image, but a confused viewer is a bad combo as well. A clear message is also essential. Considering how to maximize these three elements of your video will ensure quality and effectiveness.

Video is a visual medium so the image is crucial. What makes for a good image? Motion is good at times but a steady hand always wins out over a shaky, jerky image. It takes skill and experience to effectively shoot handheld video. Always use a tripod if you can. If the environment won’t allow that, try a shoulder mount or single hand grip/handle. This will give a lot more stability to the shot than if you just hold the camera in your hands.

Effective editing is what is going to bring real life to your video. A stationary shot of a personal message grows stale very quickly. The message can be exciting, informational, or moving, but if it is just a straight on lecture to the camera, you will lose the viewer very quickly.

“Broll” or background shots are important. Images that show what is being talked about bring a depth to a video and hold a viewers attention. Just watch the news. How many images are used in a 2 minute news clip? The challenge is to have enough quality shots that repetition is minimal. The editing also sets the pace for the story as well as holds the viewer visually.

Quality sound is essential. Don’t be fooled by those TV crime shows where they isolate sounds and voices from recordings. It can’t be done. If you don’t capture good sound, it is often times impossible to correct in post production. Levels can be adjusted, ranges can be narrowed, but correcting poor quality is sound is challenging and time consuming. Use quality microphones appropriate for your environment. A very controlled environment is ideal for quality sound, but often times you can’t control the environment outside of a studio. Key things to listen for are those which might not capture your attention in a room but on video will be magnified. Buzzes and hums in an office environment seem much louder when watching a video. Is there noise from A/C? Even lights can generate a low level buzz that will be distracting.

If you are interviewing someone to capture just their response, and not the entire interview exchange, be sure to allow a pause between questions and answers. Even an honest laugh at a funny comment can ruin sound and cause the viewer to wonder who is laughing.

Finally, a clear message is critical. It is always best if you can define the message before recording. Rehearsing can be good, but sincerity is better. Sometimes you will be interviewing someone who is very passionate about their message and just asking the right questions will illicit a clear, passionate and effective message. This is where an effective interview can deliver a much better message than a a rehearsed script. Then it goes back to the editing. Reviewing what you captured on video and distilling the message through editing to deliver a clear, passionate message.

Quality Image, quality sound and a clear concise message are going to make for an engaging and effective video that delivers results. Some people can do it the first time, they have a knack for it. Others take years to develop the skills necessary to record and produce an effective video. Time is our most precious resource. Working with someone that can help you minimize your time invested in this process will free up more of your time. can be that someone, making the process quick and cost effective.

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